Hear Me Raw is a Community Interest Company which grows ORGANIC GOURMET MUSHROOMS in a converted shipping container in Fishponds, Bristol.

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We believe in good quality local produce at fair prices. We support the community in Bristol by re-investing 30% of all profits back into local projects and aim to give educational and fair employment opportunities to those struggling to find work. We up-cycle waste produce to grow our mushrooms (namely spent coffee grounds and untreated sawdust) and strive to be at least carbon neutral, all whilst working symbiotically with nature.

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Home Mushroom Boxes

  • Multiple harvests/flushes/crops
  • Grown on natural untreated sawdust shavings and spent coffee grounds
  • most sustainable protein source in the world
  • Watch them grow, roughly doubling in size each day

Blog Posts

Community Fundraiser: We Need a New Container

We’ve grown slowly over the past months but finally we’ve outgrown our ‘temporary’ mock-up shipping container which we rent from a local self-storage business for quite a lot of money each month – money which we feel could be better spent on local school visits, educational activities or backing small community projects! We’re trying to raise £10,000 to buy our own permanent converted shipping container…

Golden Oyster Mushroom

The Golden Oyster Mushroom are one of the most commonly cultivated gourmet mushrooms thanks to their ease of cultivation, beautiful appearance and distinctive taste. Like most other Oysters, the Pleurotus citrinopileatus grows quickly and aggressively and will grow on a wide range of substrates.

Pink Oyster Mushroom

The Pink Oyster or Pleurotus Djamor is a tropical mushroom found naturally on tropical and subtropical hardwoods. Commonly cultivated due to its fast speed to fruiting, ability to thrive on numerous substrates, good tolerance to temperature variations and aggressive growth suitable for colonization on unpasteurized substrates.